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How to Protect Your Carpeting Investment

Knowing when and how to treat your carpet will protect your investment for up to 15 years!

1) Get rid of dirt. Acting like thousands of tiny knife blades, dirt is your carpet’s biggest enemy. Vacuum often, slowly, and with your vacuum set to the right height. Also, clean the filter often and change the bag when it is ¾ full.

2) Clean your carpet yourself when you are only looking at a mild to moderate cleaning job. Be sure to rinse any soap out of the carpet and be sure to vacuum well before and after cleaning.

3) There will come a time when it is wise to bring in a pro who can clean your carpet using steam extraction. This is by far the best way to keep your carpet looking good, but it is more expensive than doing it yourself.

Remember, with this type of investment, it pays to care for it properly.

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