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Best Way to Clean a Baseball Cap

Cleaning a baseball cap is a tricky business. It’s bound to get sweaty and dirty, but if you put it in the washing machine, you’re sure to end up with a misshaped mess. There has to be a better solution!

Here’s one for you, and all you really need is a sturdy plastic food container. Throwing your hat in the container, instead of the washing machine, means it won’t get tumbled around and beaten up. The end result is a hat that keeps its shape while losing that ring of unspeakable discoloration.


1. Place the dirty hat in the plastic container with a spoonful of dry detergent, a shaker ball, and enough warm water to cover the hat about half way. (You may want to pretreat the spots if needed)

2. Place the lid on the container, making sure the seal is tight, and shake it vigorously.

3. Open the lid and remove the water. Repeat with clean water until water shakes out clean.

4. Remove hat, and place it on the balloon (blown up to match a head size).

5. Let the hat air dry on a towel in a warm place.

(Source: Yahoo Makers)

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