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Are you using too much soap?

The biggest problem new appliance manufacturers have is that people don’t understand that using more soap causes problems.

This is true for both your dishwasher and your washing machine.

The machines we use today are much more efficient and conserve water than the machines our parents used. As a result, we are guilty of throwing money down the drain by using too much soap.

Here’s a test.

For a front loader, take 4 regular sized bath towels that are clean. Run them without soap. As they are agitating, check to see if you see any soap suds. If you do, that means you are rinsing the soap from previous washings.

Some people find they have to run the towels six to eight times to finally have no suds forming.

Remember, soaps are much more concentrated than they used to be.

Back off, save money, and the environment.

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